What is Continuum?

d239c601-7896-453a-84eb-c71b19da5e1bContinuum is a visionary inquiry into our capacity to innovate and participate with ourselves and our bodies as creative, open systems in rapport with life itself. Through movement we are connected to every aspect of our biosphere, from the furthest stars in the universe, to the molecular spinnings under the skin.

To explore movement at this level we begin by developing our sensitivity to the intrinsic world. Stepping outside of the cultural models of “body” and “shape” we can discover the deep inner world of fluid that is an unending resource for healing and change. Continuum uses breath, sound, and movement, to enlarge our capacity to live from the inside out: To move, speak, think, love, play and work as liquid organisms in a friendly world.

Continuum contributes to the field of movement education by providing a rich spectrum of modalities for dancers, somatic practitioners, fitness professionals, psychotherapists, mystics, poets, artists and anyone interested in participating passionately and intimately with life itself. Private sessions are designed on an individual basis, exploring intrinsic movement with specifically designed experiences combining sound, breath, movement and gentle bodywork to access possibilities for healing and change. Individual attention can accelerate the learning process and provide an often necessary witness to the experience of organic movement. This approach has been especially effective with chronic pain and injuries and auto-immune illnesses, by releasing restrictive patterning on many levels.

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