What people have to say about Beth...

"Wow! What a bright light this woman is! Any group of students would be lucky to have her warmth, vitality, and wisdom in their midst. I met Beth when she arranged a Love the Skin You're In event at Kirby School. She demonstrated integrity, attention to detail, and accessibility. Moreover, I was grateful to meet someone who shares a passion for girls advocacy, mindfulness, and embodiment. I can't wait to get my hands on this brilliant woman's curriculum!"

—Brie Mathers, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health, Media Literacy and Mindfulness, with a passion for Girls Advocacy


"What can I say about Beth Riley other than she is carrying the deep vision of the meaning and experience of living within the body such that we have the reunion with the force of Great Nature which is living us forward into life every day. Joining Beth on her ride is to take you deeper into your own."

—Kate J, Movement professional, San Francisco, CA

"I have attended numerous Continuum Movement classes with Beth, and have hired her as a personal coach. She is inspirational, while at the same time holding creative and safe space for everyone in the class. She has helped me get through many stuck places, both physically and emotionally."

­—Carol Jensen

"I experience Beth as a gifted and dedicated teacher. Her passion for what she teaches is contagious, but she does not impose herself on the group and leaves ample room for each participant’s personal inquiry. She holds everyone in the group with compassion and impeccable respect. Drawing from a deep well of knowing about the movement of the living body, she embodies what she teaches. I have taken several of her Continuum Movement retreats and I was always impressed with her ability to support the group to morph into a field for healing and awakening."

—Dietmar Brinkmann, MFT

"Beth’s keen awareness of health and wellness has transformed our curriculum at our school. Beyond that, her sensitivity to the body is remarkable. Movement is key and teaching us how to open movement up in healthy ways is one of Beth’s great gifts. I’ve taken her continuum class and have never felt so calm in my life."

—Lis Bensley, writer, High School counselor