Soul of Continuum

A Residential Retreat at Mt. Madonna Center
In the Santa Cruz Mountains
June 16-22, 2017

soulofcontinuumWe will deeply dive into the heart and soul of Continuum as a spiritual practice. What does it mean to have the movement of water as our primary guide in life? How do we as teachers and practitioners continue to inquire without solidifying and staying present to the swirling movements of life moment to moment. 

The retreat includes three days of silence where we each discover our personal connections to the greater field of nourishment living in a planetary body offers. Using sound, breath, movement and deep listening we access an alternate rhythm where interconnectness to all is readily available. 

As we co-create the space and take time away from our busy lives, we enter the Mystery of the organismic wilderness within our bones, our blood and our breath. Here we can fully reconsider how we are living and how we are loving.

We will celebrate the Summer Solstice 2017 during our retreat (Tuesday June 20, 9:24 PM PDT), a time of honoring the light (inside and outside), our connection to the shifting seasons and the natural dynamism that relates Sun and Earth. We would love for you to join us!  

To register: send an email to; or call Marilyn at 707 357 7234.
Register early as space is limited.