My prayer to Emilie – Continuum Movement’s founder

Emilie’s passing

Your beckoning began before I was born:

Enfolded into the weave of stars,

rivers, rocks, dirt, blood and loam…

The invitation:  “Live from the Depths of the Whole”.

So many waves

So many years

You moved with the living splendor of liquid love

Like the spiral of wind

Like the gush of water

Like the delicacy of newborn breath – gently opening and nourishing every cell.

Trust the completeness, the constancy, the eternal return.


I dive, finding refuge in my skin

The cells opening to reveal visiting light,

Breath buoying the silken weave of filaments and rivers

That compose me.

For a moment I locate into grief

calling you to answer.

It comes – The universal moment arises

out of the weighty sadness,

my heart lifting towards soft streams of love

a caress

You are coursing in me, in all.

You are flowing forever

Let us dance.

-Beth Pettengill Riley