Fluid Body/Fluid Life: The Yoga of Continuum

A residential retreat held at the beautiful new 1440 Mulitversity
immersive learning center outside of Santa Cruz, CA

4 Nights – Monday thru Friday, Feb 19 – 23, 2018

   $350 Tuition plus all-inclusive accommodations priced separately

(see website for cost)

All life is movement. Everything living has, at its most elemental level, an elaborate constellation of waves, pulsations, undercurrents, whirlings and shimmerings. Through movement we are connected to life itself and every aspect of our biosphere, from the furthest stars in the universe, to the molecular spinnings under the skin.

Like Yoga, Continuum practice gives us direct access to the exquisite preciousness of life as we discover it in our own bodies. Continuum is a movement inquiry through which we directly experience our interconnectedness to the wholeness of life. The elegant practices we explore make an art form of dissolving constraint, welcoming the liberation of the entire person at every level.

Through breath, sound, and movement, we begin to enlarge our capacity to live from the inside out: To move, speak, think, love, play and work as liquid organisms in a friendly world. Stepping outside of the cultural models of “body” and “shape” we can discover the deep inner world of flourishing life that reveals itself with grace and ease.

  • Experience movement as what you are, not what you do
  • Cultivate curiosity and inner resources for resilience
  • Find and access inherent vitality, wholeness and fluid flexibility
  • Discover how to awaken creativity and innovation
  • Facilitate trust in your inherent body wisdom

This workshop is focused on giving participants, a direct experience of the wisdom of their own bodies through fluid movement practices, breathing and sound exercises and, most importantly, slowing down to feel the possibilities in the present moment.

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Continuum: building health and wellness skills of
resilience, responsiveness, fluidity and flexibility on all levels.